Month: February 2014

Stairway to heaven

Have a seat and enjoy something you’ve been waiting for a fucking eternity! Look into her eyes and wait for the music to begin. Sing along, sing along, dance a little, get up, grab her hand and…headbang! Free yourself and just go crazy for a while! Hold her to your chest and enjoy the moment. Just enjoy the moment. Finally…


Plug in, baby!


Some times I forget how great of a refuge music is. After I press “play” it all comes back.

When I was little boy I was not able to truly appreciate music. I found the sound delightful, but the meaning wasn’t profound enough. Certain things can only be savored with the passing of time. What I can honestly say about myself is that I am highly pretentious when it comes to the people I surround myself with and the music I choose to listen to. People come and go though and are rarely as honest as music, therefore the latter is something I hold close to my heart. I find no greater gift than the gift that is music.

Remember that time you were free, that time you were happy, that time you were in love, that time you were broken, that time you were miserable, that time you felt caged? The songs and lyrics that you’ve found comfort in are a constant reminder of what you’ve experienced. Indeed they may unearth pain, but they also bring back to life happiness. In joy and sorrow music has the unique ability to amplify and revitalize all that which your soul is made up of. It is a teacher, a healer and a punisher.

I remember the first time I sampled the right sound; it felt like the world stopped for a few seconds and everything finally made sense. Now, just like then, I listen to the vibes that put me on the right path when I feel hopelessly lost and just for a second, time stops and I am reborn with a new fire in my heart.

If you want to find something truly holy do not bow your heads down to religion and the many gods man worships. Listen to the songs that those whom are in love sing to each other. Open your minds and your hearts and listen to them whisper.

This is what I feel when I “press” play:

“The grass was greener
The light was brighter
The taste was sweeter
The nights of wonder
With friends surrounded
The dawn mist glowing
The water flowing
The endless river
Forever and ever”

I built it one atom a time – the loyal protector

If you were to ask a star to leave the sky, I bet it would;

It would fall down from the heavens above at your feet

And shine for you alone, beautiful, as bright as it could,

It would say how atoms across the Galaxy would meet,

How they bump into each other and some form matter

And stick together until the end of time or even longer,

How they watch stars shatter and light particles scatter

And learn from all things surrounding them to wonder.

You bumped into me some time ago in this mortal life,

Stick around a little bit, because a little’s all we’ve got

As creatures of flesh and bone, of happiness and strife,

Love me for all that I am, love me for all that I am not.

Give me a piece of that star of yours so I can build you

Something to hold close to your heart, to help remind

Of how some day, we’ll end up atoms passing through

Empty space and with a little fluke, a bit of you I’ll find.

Sing for the moment

Crowded room, red velvet seats, people of all ages, a small stage and your hand in mine.
Instruments, performers, anticipation, and a familiar face in the band.
An old gentleman playing his violin to start the night.
Others join in, turning tiny ember into raging fire.
The smooth sound of a saxophone.
Classic songs performed well.
That one song that mattered performed not so well.
And your hand in mine.
No matter the tune, good or bad, joyful or sorrowful…ecstasy or misery, you’ll find my hand in yours.
Till the curtain drops or till the heart stops, this hand shall hold yours.

Her perfume on my hands

One of the most awesome things that we can experience on this wonderful, blue planet of ours is a surprise visit from someone special. When your lover pops by just to say “hello” on a sunny day when spring is just settling in. Someone so beautiful just waiting outside your door, smiling and giving you a small wink as you approach. A kiss to make your day happy and short walk just to take in the joy of it all. And to top it all off, when you get home, you can still smell their perfume on your hands-fuck yeah!

Don’t rub me the wrong way


Grant me wishes born from deep desires and let the moon dust seek new flaming pyres.

We have it all, don’t we? Or do we have nothing? There is always someone who has a little more and others that have a little less. There are also those who have plenty, but act as if they have nothing.

We are brought into this world bearing only our mother’s warmth and our father’s hope. We grow, but rarely grow up and we forget the hardship of our parents. All they gave up so that we would never be left wanting is, to us, as insignificant at times as the dust under our boot. We feel invincible due to the fact that no matter the quality of our roots, we still have something holding us down when the wind blows mercilessly. We then push our roots away, for they are old and surely have no power over us. We forget to treasure mother’s smile and father’s words. We forget all that has helped us grow.

We learn to interact with others, but remain ever so foolish. We learn to speak the word “friend” and befriend a few people. We share our great hopes and vivid dreams. We invest our time which is ever so precious. We borrow small gestures, ways of thinking, words and even forsake ourselves at times. As time passes, the number of these people of a rare breed dwindles and we find ourselves having old friends. We keep trying to make new ones, but whom you know as a child becomes holier than most things of this world. We become wiser, but never fully lose our naivety and we start seeing flaws in our friends and flaws in ourselves. Some can be accepted and some make us feel like we’re truly lost our grip on all that we had as children. We drift apart as rivers do and might never cross paths, longing for the honesty that gave birth to moments of joy. We realize that it is better to be alone than to be lonely among others; keep so very few people close and trust even fewer.

We meet those whom we want closest to our heart and find about the ways of “love”, we try to find that one person who’s worth it all. We pick the right ones, the wrong ones, at times we pick the really wrong ones and some times others pick us. We twist and we turn seeking something bigger than ourselves and we learn. No matter the outcome, we learn. We learn about hope, needs, intimacy, beauty, joy, bliss and love of course. But we also learn about the monsters that a human being hides. They may hide just skin deep or they may lie in wait for years until they finally bear fangs. We all have our monsters. Some control their monsters and others let their monsters do as they please. People are overrated and they come and go, fade away or leave an eternal mark. There will be those honest and there will be those with honeyed lips. There will be those who set us free and there will be those with a spare gilded cage. There will be those who bring out the best in us and those who bring misery. We will finally start to understand songs, but start to doubt those around us. The mind will become cautious and the heart will bear its “scars”.

We will spin in the endless hurricane that is life and learn how to ride the storm and what price we have to pay to do such a thing. We will learn, yet we will remain ignorant. We will realize that being dust in the wind is unsatisfying and forever spend time trying to surround ourselves with the right people. When these right people come along we often take them for granted, as we take our parents, our friends and all those who care or have cared for us. When we learn the error of our ways it is often too late. When our parents are gone, when our friends are gone, when those who loved us more then we deserved are gone. We then realize that we are not what the child we once were had expected, that we have somehow forsaken that child and doing so killed all the magic in the world. Why would we want to live in such a world? Why take so much for granted?