Month: March 2014




I feel a disturbance in the Force IV


‘I guess they do, don’t they?’ Giorn burst into laughter.

‘What’s so funny, old man?’ I snapped putting the datapad down.

‘Old man? Ain’t that precious!’ he continued laughing.

I stood there staring with a confused look on my face, waiting for him to finish.

‘I haven’t laughed like that in a long time, lad. Remind me to repay you one day,’ he said with a wide smile on his face.

‘Where are we, if I may ask?’

‘This luxurious beacon of radiating wealth is my home. Yours too if you’ll behave,’ he said trying to put on a serious face.

The house was indeed a sight to behold. It looked like a wealthy war lord or some kind of monarch used to live here. Giorn managed to keep the place pretty neat, but the walls were old and had seen their share of battle as traces of baster rifle shots were still visible all over. Besides those and the huge hole in the ceiling of the breathtaking dining room, the house looked like an empty, abandoned palace. No furniture, no windows, no heating, just walls covered in memories.

‘This place is awesome! It’s like it’s taken out of a fairy tale!’ I said as I was taking in the beauty of the details etched into the walls and the murals on the ceilings.

Giorn’s smile suddenly faded. He looked directly into my eyes for the first time and I could see a deep sadness withing him.

‘What’s wrong?’ I asked stupefied.

‘Nothing, lad. Excuse me… I should rest. I am old after all,’ he smiled trying to conceal what he truly felt.

‘Did I say…’

‘No. Don’t worry,’ he interrupted me. ‘You’ll find clothing and something to munch on upstairs in the last room to the left.’

‘Thank you,’ I replied.

‘Goodnight, my boy.’

Becoming everything

This is a song of sacrifice that only a few understand. If you’ve been there, you have my respect. Here’s to all of you who loved selflessly.
To my mind it goes like this:

You fall for someone – you can take all kinds of bullshit by their side.
You imagine how it would be if that someone treated you like you deserved – you can take the pain by their side.
Wanting more, you lie to yourself making everything bearable – you can handle it as long as they’re near.
The disappointment grows more and more until you become unwell and unnatural – yet you endure, hanging on to your lover.

Time passes by…

You are aware of your flaws and many weaknesses.
Your lover takes the anger others cause on you for no reason.
You are left speechless.
You feel that you’re losing the one you care for.
This person grew on you, helped you grow somehow.
This someone never sees the loneliness built inside of you.

You hang on and do all you can to fight for your love.
You hurt.
You don’t know who you are anymore.
You’ve become a part of your lover.
You’re nothing.
The only one fighting for this love is you.
You’ve lost everything.

Fight for each other. That’s everything.