From the back seat of the bus, with love

I was heading home by bus after my general surgery lecture today and I saw a bunch of colleagues going home also and I wanted to say bye or something like that, but at the same time I kinda wanted to be a little asshole and express something mean while I was passing by them. Mimicking “fuck you” so they could lip read seemed pretty funny at the time in my head, but then I remembered that I can’t do that because we’re not close enough for that to be ok. And even if you’re close to people you study/work with it still gets awkward because they take shit too seriously and assume that you’re mentally challenged in circumstances like this, which is only half the truth. Then I remembered that I always do funny(stupid) stuff when my sweetheart leaves by bus when she is in a hurry. Come to think of it I do the same kind of things when I leave by bus and wave goodbye to her. So it hit me and it seemed so funny at the moment. If I had been passing by her at the time by coincidence and I would have caught her attention, I would have been all like:
..flipping the bird like a maniac and at first she would have been stupefied and would have gone: “What the fuck? Jesus, man!”, but I would have kept at it and would have laughed like the dumbass that I am and then she’d laugh too and flip the bird back at me and show me her teeth and growl a little.

We’re two sick fucks.


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