Month: November 2014

Early Christmas Wishes

I’ll allow myself to wish for something this Christmas even if it’s silly to hope for these things the way I do.
I have 3 wishes:
1. I want my mom to feel better and enjoy the holidays like she did before her condition got worse;
2. I want my sweetheart to be have a warm home of her own and be truly happy, like she was during Christmas when she was little;
3. I want to have a real Christmas tree and celebrate the holiday for real for a change. A few years ago we didn’t even put up the plastic tree because we went through some hard times.

I found this super awesome picture too:
So badass! (I am laughing at myself right now.)


In Bloom

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Presidential elections took place in Romania yesterday. The new President received around 54% of the votes. People went nuts over politics and in the end we got ourselves a new President. In my opinion it was the first time when a candidate seemed well mannered, educated and willing to make a change for the better, therefore he had my vote. This man, of German origin, was the Mayor of Sibiu up until wining the elections. He changed that town for the better and earned the gratitude and respect of the people there. Never before had a politician running for presidency seem so uncorrupted and full of good intentions.
I profoundly disliked the other candidate, the acting Prime Minister, due to the lack of respect towards those around him and unwillingness to help his people, not to mention the numerous times he publicly, blatantly lied. Some Romanian citizens living abroad waited up to 10 hours to vote because of the poor management of the voting system by the Prime Minister and the Government.

The country was pretty much divided in opinions and ideals, but through the new found hope for change towards a brighter future, where all citizens can live life accordingly to a country belonging to the E.U.; the lesser of two evils was elected. Honestly the man doesn’t seem at all evil, but people say that he is supported by the wrong political parties. On the other hand, the acting Prime Minister was supported by even a worse bunch and people took to the streets to protest their dissatisfaction towards the actions of the Government.

To sum it up it can be said that the majority chose a good man who made the people hope for the first time in a long time over a man that could have become a tyrant.

Now we wait for promises to bloom into actions and if not the people shall take to the streets once more, wounded by hope turned into ash. I personally hope that this President will do right by us and help our country flourish.

An Addams Halloween


I have rarely been given the opportunity to say that I’ve truly enjoyed a holiday. This year I’ve had the best ever Halloween and it is all thanks to this gorgeous creature next to me. I had no idea that preparing the costumes would be so much fun. I guess that when you get together with the right human being/ghoul/vampire/succubus/demon/elf/hobbit/jedi/sith/wizard/etc. great things can happen and every step of the way feels like heaven(or hell in this case because it’s bloody Halloween).

P.S. We found Wednesday and Pugsley in the pub where we were celebrating this spooky holiday.
Finding our kids in a bar, drinking and inhaling smoke. I’ve never been so proud!