Month: February 2015

Cardiac implosion

Imagine spending a day playing with these little guys. Are you imagining it yet? Good. Now tell me that it wasn’t the best day ever. Don’t lie. You know nothing can top all that fluffiness. Good. Now go to your significant other and tell them that this day topped the day you met them and the day you took that special trip to that special place and the day you got married and so on. You are alone now, but you played with husky puppies so you don’t care. Husky puppies a.k.a. little wolves that nibble on your soul. Is it possible to die from happiness? Yes. If you don’t have a husky puppy near you, or a dog, go and adopt an animal from the local pound and love them to bits. Thank you!


Boo hoo

Luxury could mean a ski trip in the Alps, a new sports car or dining at an exclusive restaurant by the seaside with a great view of the sunset, but it could also mean a good night’s sleep, mornings where you are not woken up at the crack of dawn by the inconsiderate behavior of others and peace of mind.
Give someone everything one could ask for, except the ability to rest properly and it’ll all be for nothing.
When people ask what’s the matter, you just tell them you’re busy, because they’re too ignorant to care that they completely fuck up your entire day by keeping you awake and explaining it again and again just causes more disgust.