Déjà vu

Spring time came and spring time went,

Flowers bloomed and branches bent.

It was back in the 90′ when they met,

It was a simple time, not easy to forget.

She was twenty, he was twenty and a bit,

Youth so pure holding so much promise,

Their love grew, by mutual passion lit,

They’d become one when they’d kiss.

She fell ill, he stood at her side bravely,

They were growing old much too soon,

Their future seemed to grow dark sadly;

Hardly being brightened by sun or moon;

She got worse, but he was always near,

The meds she was given put her to sleep,

The pain would be the thing she’d fear.

Their tests were hard, but their bond deep.

In time she felt better, but bearing a child

Could mean death as she’d been weakened

Then and forever, but their passion was wild,

So they took a chance, as love beckoned.

Not long passed and they had a baby boy,

For the first time in ages they felt true joy,

She defied the odds and it gave her power,

But sadly, days passed, along came the hour

When she fell ill again, but loved she was

Doctors failed repeatedly to find the cause

Time passed and she slowly withered away

Years passed and she hurts even this day.

Her husband is dying on the inside to see

Her this ill once again and it is agony to be,

So helpless when your wife is suffering so,

Worse than she did almost a life time ago.

Too many opinions from kings of medicine,

Too many empty pills meant to dry up tears.

Have I been a good son, who have I been?

Can I be brave forever, face all of my fears?

What of my father and the hurt that he holds?

Mother’s pain has lasted my whole life through,

For me it’s all I’ve known and yet it still unfolds,

For him it’s a nightmare, a tormenting déjà vu.

I’ll hold them both tightly until things get better,

Hope is all I have and hope is what I will give

Them no matter the tears or stormy weather;

Love and hope spread and joy you’ll receive.


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