A wizard’s most powerful weapon is common sense, Frodo Baggins!

Wrong hole again


You can learn a lot about a person by listening to where in the sky they think the sun should start shining. Or some other intelligent opinion because the one thing people love more than having an opinion about all there is under the sun (and above) is having the impression that their opinion is Willy Wonka and that the rest of the people around them only have Oompa Loompas in between their ears. The terms people/person are used lightly.

North-west would be great for me. Not because my house doesn’t get enough sunlight, but because my house would block the sun in my neighbor’s living room so it would be cold in there, therefore they wouldn’t be able to spend a lot of time in the living room and everybody know that if you don’t spend at least 3 hours/ day in that particular room, you die. It’s a fact. I read it in this piece of paper from a magazine I found under a box, under the seat of my bus while heading to study what potatoes do during Mondays.

Today I found myself in a room with a few other people, see? And these people needed a trigger to release their Willy Wonkas, see? So ask me what the trigger was! I dare you! I double dare you mother tucker!

“The church is collecting signatures to forbid gay marriage so I signed their petition. I signed it in a second.”

(Then they all started saying how gay marriage is wrong and unnatural and evil. How gay marriage is a sin. How gay marriage killed one of their fathers back in the war. How gay marriage went out to buy some smokes and never came back. How gay marriage stepped in gum one day and scraped it of its shoe and then stuck it in Sally’s hair.)

They continued to say how homosexuality is a disease and how in the old days they would “take care” of people like that. If this wasn’t pitifully saddening they topped it by saying something along the lines of:
Being gay is b-b-b-bad, but letting a gay couple have kids (artificial insemination) /adopt is b-b-b-bad to the bone! *This has been put extremely lightly*

When is the last time you went to an orphanage? And I don’t mean a decent one. I mean a low to barely funded orphanage almost forgotten by the responsible officials. I am not talking about an orphanage in a big glimmering jewel of a city. I am talking about one situated in a place where all the citizens have it pretty hard.

Do you think that a child is better off without a loving family and an education? Because guess what! Gay parents kiss their kids before they put them to bed, they take their kids to school mornings and pick them up when school is over and they love children as any parent does.
Gay parents do not “gay up” their kids. Sexual preferences aren’t picked up like you pick up a cold. Take your Willy Wonka outta my face, people! Your opinions imply that more kids should remain orphans because gay couples are going to ruin them. Living in an orphanage is surely better than having two parents in your life that take care of you and love you every single day for the rest of your life.

So to all of the people who have bright ideas and sizzling brains because they though really, really, really hard and came to the conclusion that others should not be recognized by the state as a family because they have a similar anatomy in their pants -news flash- your Willy Wonka (opinion) came out of the wrong hole again-your mouth.


A light shade of green

It was 7:30 in the morning. I was riding the bus about a year and a half ago and I was very tired. Most of the people on the bus looked upset or uncomfortable because being crammed in a tight space with strangers will do that to most. Then something caught my eye. Right across from me two very beautiful people were going about their day. They both had light blonde hair, their faces looked scorched by the summer sun and they looked at each other constantly. The first one looked like a tiny version of the other, but the way they acted was the thing that truly caught my attention. The little one was about five or six years old and was smiling constantly at the other one. They didn’t say much to each other, but the older one, who was about thirty-five caressed and kissed the tiny one constantly, receiving hugs and kisses in return. Seeing them interact was a blissful. They both had old tattered clothes one. They were old clothes, a little dirty even, but it didn’t matter. To me those two human beings were at that moment richer than all of the other people on the bus put together. The people around started noticing those two and started smiling a little bit, some of them even started to cry a little. A mother and her little girl managed to show us all on the bus that day that you cannot put a price on happiness. I wanted to bring them home. I wanted to make sure that little girl would get a chance to become someone, but I could not do that. I just didn’t have the means to offer them a better life, but they gave me a reason to smile that day. A reason to appreciate all the love I’ve been given by my own mother and father even more. I got off the bus and even though I cannot remember their faces clearly, I will never forget the priceless love in their bright green eyes.

Broken b’homes


About a fortnight ago my father and I went to a local construction supply depot to buy this and that for our house. When we arrived I saw some dog houses for sale outside of the depot. They look really well-made and were extremely colorful. They reminded me of Snoopy’s dog house and gave me a little bit of nostalgia. A few seconds later I saw this limping dog getting closer to the houses. He (because the dog was male and I don’t like calling animals “it”) looked anxious and it took a peek inside each one of the houses. He wanted to go inside one or two of them, but the employees in the parking lot gave him a cold stare and he limped away to lay down somewhere else.
It’s funny how this got to me. We’ve all faced the challenges of finding a place to call our own. It is not easy. When we find a place we’d like to live, more often than not, we get cold stares of rejection from those around us or from the emptiness of our pockets(or bank accounts), the problems being mostly financial ones. A house is just a house. It takes people and memories to make it feel like home. After all, we’re all just a bunch of wounded animals in search for a place to call “home”.

Becoming everything

This is a song of sacrifice that only a few understand. If you’ve been there, you have my respect. Here’s to all of you who loved selflessly.
To my mind it goes like this:

You fall for someone – you can take all kinds of bullshit by their side.
You imagine how it would be if that someone treated you like you deserved – you can take the pain by their side.
Wanting more, you lie to yourself making everything bearable – you can handle it as long as they’re near.
The disappointment grows more and more until you become unwell and unnatural – yet you endure, hanging on to your lover.

Time passes by…

You are aware of your flaws and many weaknesses.
Your lover takes the anger others cause on you for no reason.
You are left speechless.
You feel that you’re losing the one you care for.
This person grew on you, helped you grow somehow.
This someone never sees the loneliness built inside of you.

You hang on and do all you can to fight for your love.
You hurt.
You don’t know who you are anymore.
You’ve become a part of your lover.
You’re nothing.
The only one fighting for this love is you.
You’ve lost everything.

Fight for each other. That’s everything.

Don’t rub me the wrong way


Grant me wishes born from deep desires and let the moon dust seek new flaming pyres.

We have it all, don’t we? Or do we have nothing? There is always someone who has a little more and others that have a little less. There are also those who have plenty, but act as if they have nothing.

We are brought into this world bearing only our mother’s warmth and our father’s hope. We grow, but rarely grow up and we forget the hardship of our parents. All they gave up so that we would never be left wanting is, to us, as insignificant at times as the dust under our boot. We feel invincible due to the fact that no matter the quality of our roots, we still have something holding us down when the wind blows mercilessly. We then push our roots away, for they are old and surely have no power over us. We forget to treasure mother’s smile and father’s words. We forget all that has helped us grow.

We learn to interact with others, but remain ever so foolish. We learn to speak the word “friend” and befriend a few people. We share our great hopes and vivid dreams. We invest our time which is ever so precious. We borrow small gestures, ways of thinking, words and even forsake ourselves at times. As time passes, the number of these people of a rare breed dwindles and we find ourselves having old friends. We keep trying to make new ones, but whom you know as a child becomes holier than most things of this world. We become wiser, but never fully lose our naivety and we start seeing flaws in our friends and flaws in ourselves. Some can be accepted and some make us feel like we’re truly lost our grip on all that we had as children. We drift apart as rivers do and might never cross paths, longing for the honesty that gave birth to moments of joy. We realize that it is better to be alone than to be lonely among others; keep so very few people close and trust even fewer.

We meet those whom we want closest to our heart and find about the ways of “love”, we try to find that one person who’s worth it all. We pick the right ones, the wrong ones, at times we pick the really wrong ones and some times others pick us. We twist and we turn seeking something bigger than ourselves and we learn. No matter the outcome, we learn. We learn about hope, needs, intimacy, beauty, joy, bliss and love of course. But we also learn about the monsters that a human being hides. They may hide just skin deep or they may lie in wait for years until they finally bear fangs. We all have our monsters. Some control their monsters and others let their monsters do as they please. People are overrated and they come and go, fade away or leave an eternal mark. There will be those honest and there will be those with honeyed lips. There will be those who set us free and there will be those with a spare gilded cage. There will be those who bring out the best in us and those who bring misery. We will finally start to understand songs, but start to doubt those around us. The mind will become cautious and the heart will bear its “scars”.

We will spin in the endless hurricane that is life and learn how to ride the storm and what price we have to pay to do such a thing. We will learn, yet we will remain ignorant. We will realize that being dust in the wind is unsatisfying and forever spend time trying to surround ourselves with the right people. When these right people come along we often take them for granted, as we take our parents, our friends and all those who care or have cared for us. When we learn the error of our ways it is often too late. When our parents are gone, when our friends are gone, when those who loved us more then we deserved are gone. We then realize that we are not what the child we once were had expected, that we have somehow forsaken that child and doing so killed all the magic in the world. Why would we want to live in such a world? Why take so much for granted?

Friday the 14th

Untitled-1It’s sad how people nowadays feel compelled to buy, consume, purchase and buy some more when the 14th of February arrives. Capitalist rat bastards have turned even something as simple as proving one’s affection into an opportunity to make the masses spend money on “love”. The sight of all those red plush hearts made in such poor taste is sickening. The sight of people actually buying them is even worse.

If you are someone with common sense, you realize that things aren’t really worth much. It is more important to be loyal, honest, supportive, caring and a decent fucking human being. Don’t spend money on a gift just because of a bloody holiday. Buy something or even better make something for the ones you love when you feel that it’s right and if they deserve it. Good people are the most precious thing on this planet.

*Coming this February the 14th:
Fake promises, gifts made in China, people spending way to much hoping to get laid, stupid sheep syndrome, people complaining about being forever alone, people dating so that they won’t be alone this V’s day, baby don’t hurt me, pretend love, pretentious love, pathetic love, gay love still frowned upon by mediocre two legged idiots and so much more!
Remember! Buy now! Only now you can prove your true love! You know that your love is the only one that’s special because you’re special! You are the best fucking lover ever! Fuck you, right? Just remember to BUY!*

All that is written between ** should be read in an epic trailer dude voice.