Have you ever been to the Moon?



I miss the simplicity of childhood identity, a time when no matter the background people could become friends easily. It did not matter who your mother or father were or how much you had; a simple exchange of names and a few hours of playing together were enough to form friendships. But then you get older and you realize how people are and that sandbox friendship dream is crushed as easily as a fragile flower.
How many of your childhood friends can you rely on? Or better said, how many are still around?
It still happens rarely to bond with people as adults and form friendships. And even rarer are the occasions when true honesty with these people is an option. In these cases if you should be given the chance to form a life together…marry them. Marry the fuck out of them!


Dendenland Part I

I feel that tomorrow should be as a second Christmas and even though it is going to be an eventful, busy, busy day I hope that everything will go smoothly and end well. On the 12th of January last year I met face-to-face a lovely young woman that changed both my life and myself for the better. I find myself extremely shy in expressing my gratitude for the moment being, therefore I am sharing this small token of my appreciation:

Snow(not related to Jon)

The first has yet again returned,

My hand held yours as the night’s sky burned

With colors from the brightest of dreams.

We raised our glases through cheers and screams,

Coat covering your shoulder, watch on my wrist,

Make a wish, my love, we all have a wish list.

Clothes and trips and rigs and other silly things

I’d like us to posses and enjoy. A thought clings,

In the back of my mind and it seems to find

A way to push through the moment and grind;

We are ever so fortunate to live this life,

Where we have each other to chase away strife.

The holidays might end, but the World is still mad

There are human beings everywhere too sad,

Too poor, too sick and too jaded to dare to smile.

I know we cannot help them all, but for a while,

Let us think of them and wish them well at least

May they find shelter and love and have a feast.

At least for a few moments each day let us do so,

For we are blessed to have somewhere to go;

A place where our loved ones prosper and live,

Let us remember to respect, appreciate and give.

Through compassion and empathy let us show,

That humanity can cover the Earth just like snow.

Frosty beginnings

My fondest memory of the start of the new year, if not my only fond memory is giving you a piggyback ride back home.
tumblr_inline_mgo4mpa10A1r1v6twThings don’t always go how you’ve planed; parties are mostly as fun and memorable as the people around you; alcohol doesn’t guarantee people will have a good time and if you’re stuck at 5 a.m. in a bar because you can’t go home due to the lack of cabs make sure you take your loved ones home, where it’s nice and warm, somehow(especially if they’re wearing high heels).

An Addams Halloween


I have rarely been given the opportunity to say that I’ve truly enjoyed a holiday. This year I’ve had the best ever Halloween and it is all thanks to this gorgeous creature next to me. I had no idea that preparing the costumes would be so much fun. I guess that when you get together with the right human being/ghoul/vampire/succubus/demon/elf/hobbit/jedi/sith/wizard/etc. great things can happen and every step of the way feels like heaven(or hell in this case because it’s bloody Halloween).

P.S. We found Wednesday and Pugsley in the pub where we were celebrating this spooky holiday.
Finding our kids in a bar, drinking and inhaling smoke. I’ve never been so proud!

From the back seat of the bus, with love

I was heading home by bus after my general surgery lecture today and I saw a bunch of colleagues going home also and I wanted to say bye or something like that, but at the same time I kinda wanted to be a little asshole and express something mean while I was passing by them. Mimicking “fuck you” so they could lip read seemed pretty funny at the time in my head, but then I remembered that I can’t do that because we’re not close enough for that to be ok. And even if you’re close to people you study/work with it still gets awkward because they take shit too seriously and assume that you’re mentally challenged in circumstances like this, which is only half the truth. Then I remembered that I always do funny(stupid) stuff when my sweetheart leaves by bus when she is in a hurry. Come to think of it I do the same kind of things when I leave by bus and wave goodbye to her. So it hit me and it seemed so funny at the moment. If I had been passing by her at the time by coincidence and I would have caught her attention, I would have been all like:
..flipping the bird like a maniac and at first she would have been stupefied and would have gone: “What the fuck? Jesus, man!”, but I would have kept at it and would have laughed like the dumbass that I am and then she’d laugh too and flip the bird back at me and show me her teeth and growl a little.

We’re two sick fucks.

The man she calls “father”

Yesterday my beloved tried to get in touch with her father for the first time ever in 20 years since he left home. When she was just 2 years old he went to Israel to work and earn money in order to come back and build a better life for himself, his wife and his baby girl. At least that was what he said when he left and what he promised in the few letters he wrote back shortly after his departure. Even though things sound promising so far, he never came back or even wrote eventually. He just disappeared in another land leaving a sweet child with only her mother to care for her.

The years were full of hardship and her mom could not manage to afford a house so they lived where they could. I cannot imagine the struggle of a single parent raising a child and holding a steady job that pays poorly and gives almost no professional satisfaction. Time went by and the little girl grew into a gorgeous young woman, honest, witty, fun and a joy to be around. A young woman that desires to find out how much she and her father are alike. From the pictures she could tell that she resembled her father a lot. His eyes, his lips, even his nose; you could tell they were related from a mile away.

Almost 22 and the time was long overdue to find out what really happened that made her dad never come back home as he promised. All the people from her dad’s side of the family grew cold and acted like they never spoke to her father ever again since he left, but they lied. They lied for 2 decades. Last year though one of her aunts tried to help and gave her a phone number that held much promise. 

Yesterday she mustered up the courage and gathered 3 crazy kids to help her face her fear and call the number in hope that on the other line there would be someone to call her “daughter”. I’ve never seen her so anxious before. She picked up the phone and called. I could see how tense she was and how much she wanted things to be ok. Someone picked up, but it wasn’t her dad. It was just someone from Israel who couldn’t understand English and so he hung up. She tried again and he hung up again. It was an old person with no clue about the man she was asking for. Sadly we could not find out if her father lived there or not but we’ll try again. Without a doubt we’ll try again.  Maybe some day she’ll look upon the face of the man she calls “father”.