An Addams Halloween


I have rarely been given the opportunity to say that I’ve truly enjoyed a holiday. This year I’ve had the best ever Halloween and it is all thanks to this gorgeous creature next to me. I had no idea that preparing the costumes would be so much fun. I guess that when you get together with the right human being/ghoul/vampire/succubus/demon/elf/hobbit/jedi/sith/wizard/etc. great things can happen and every step of the way feels like heaven(or hell in this case because it’s bloody Halloween).

P.S. We found Wednesday and Pugsley in the pub where we were celebrating this spooky holiday.
Finding our kids in a bar, drinking and inhaling smoke. I’ve never been so proud!



My 22nd on the 22nd was the best 22nd of April a 22 year old could ask for. I hardly remember a birthday so far that has made me this happy. In the past I was mostly alone on days like this and even when I was surrounded by others, I felt lonely. I never expected gifts meant to blow me away due to extravagance or expense. I merely wanted something meaningful, something personal and from the heart.
It was a simple, kid’s happiness this year. It was about having the one that really mattered by my side as I’ve always wanted. She came like some kind of ninja and surprised me at about 2 p.m that day with her gorgeous smile and arms filled with goodies. She’s a strong one, that’s for sure! I was so happy to see her that I didn’t care anymore about the presents. I just hugged her again and again as a child would hug someone they’ve missed since a life time ago. I was blushing like crazy(I’m blushing now too). Her mum baked a cake for me. It was a huge surprise, because this never happened before. It tasted really yummy and my folks devoured it, making me laugh. She brought my mom flowers and this made me glad to have such a wonderful girl in my arms.
She then opened a box where my presents were. I guess I would have been more happy to see her showing me the gifts if I wasn’t already maxed out on happiness. I probably looked like a truck full of unicorn farts ran me over, because it was hard for me to take it all in without pausing over and over to look at her smiling face.
Today I am the proud owner of a T-shirt with a very funny print of Nikola Tesla refusing to conform to the bullshit of society. Haha!
She also painted a little Harry Potter on a mug. It’s so neat! I would take it with me when we go out to drink from it, but I guess that would be a little too much.
I guess I can say that these gifts are so close to my heart now, that I’ll be forever thankful.
Mom wanted to thank her, but she couldn’t. This was the only downside of that otherwise super awesome day.
We went out after, ate and did a little shopping and then we head to the park. It was a sunny day. It felt as summer was already here. We had fun in the park. Lots of fun! The next day we even went out on the lake on a hydrobike.

I am not sure how life should be lived, but I know for sure that I want more days like this one.

Thank you, D.