K9 Heaven

I found you sleeping when I came home,
In your little house made for a gnome.
I found you lying colder than ever before,
In your motionless loneliness evermore.

I held you in one hand a life time ago,
You were a tiny chestnut ready to go
And see the world and roam so free,
Where are you now, what do you see?

I buried you under the pouring rain,
Hoping it will wash away all the pain.
I feel drained of life and so ashamed,
To have left your body forever maimed,

Eaten by all kinds of disease and agony,
The days were too short and not so many.
I hope you are somewhere nice and warm
And that you will never, ever know harm.

All things pass and only memories remain,
I will learn from this and I truly hope to gain,
A little bit a wisdom so I cand get over this,
Nice knowing you and take care, little miss.